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Real Love Ministry: 

Married Couples, Single, or about to start courtship. Do you know that Love is not a feeling? Love is a command, we are called to obey that command if we love the Lord. Marriage is a ministry, couples are on assignment. Have a more satisfying marriage. Learn how to effectively:

  • Manage conflict, avoid negativity and meet each other’s needs
  • Keep the spark, the intimacy, and the connection alive in your relationship
  • Receive healing for those deep emotional wounds and scars
  • Improve your friendship with your spouse and increase intimacy, fondness and respect.

You will meet our Married Mentors for free Couples Talk counseling. Join us for Date Night, Couples Talk counseling, Dinner meetings: Sundays at My Place, Married Couples Panel Discussions, and Couples Lunch and Walk. We also offer a six-week Premarital course for couples that are recently engaged or who are in a serious relationship moving toward marriage. After the course is completed, our Pastors can officiate your wedding. Engaged couples are encouraged to be married within a year of taking the Premarital course.

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